We’re exporting to Spain. The product is our industrialized timber-hybrid (wood and concrete) solution with prefabricated structure and facades.

Portugal is bringing new-generation sustainable buildings to Spain


1st building of Hybrid Construction in the Iberian Peninsula

The Casais Group is exporting a more environmentally friendly type of construction to Spain. It uses engineered timber and only one-third of the concrete used in traditional building, making it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of construction by more than 60%.

Tres Cantos, a municipality in the Community of Madrid, will be the first to get an industrialised timber-hybrid building of this kind. The project for the construction of the new B&B hotel will be managed by the Sunny Casais partnership, making it the first of a new generation of sustainable buildings in the province. One such project has already been completed in Guimarães, Portugal.

The hybrid construction, in partnership with ACR and project by Tdb Architects, is based on the CREE system an industrialized (i.e., manufactured off-site) hybrid system that can be quickly implemented on site. It combines the structural use of timber and concrete with modular prefabricated facades, all of which greatly reduces the carbon footprint, construction waste and on-site noise pollution. Project completion is also much quicker than when using traditional building methods. By embracing the Design for Change mentality, we now offer a set of solutions that enable more sustaińability in industrial construction that achieves an excellent balance between productivity, people and the planet.

First Hybrid Building

The first timber-hybrid building on the Iberian Peninsula

The First is the first building of timber-hybrid construction (wood + concrete) on the Iberian Peninsula. It was designed by architect Mário Fernandes, and built in Portugal.

The project, which aligns well with the Casais ESG strategy, comprises two separate blocks, one of which is a hotel unit for the B&B Hotels Group , the other, a block with 44 apartments. The project includes several off-site solutions that integrate environmental sustainability concerns, that take the occupational health of future users and energy efficiency into account.

The assembly of the CREE Buildings components in the project’s first block of the project took only 8 working days, from 20 June to 1 July 2022. Erection of the second block was completed on 27 July 2022, and also took only 8 working days. While the second block was being assembled, the first block had all the prefabricated Blumep, Blufab and Quadrina components installed.

Virtual Tour - The First

Digital Twin
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Timelapse Hotel B&B Madrid Tres Cantos
Timelapse The First Guimarães
OFFICIAL VISITS | The First Guimarães

During the assembly of the 1st hybrid building which is an unprecedented construction in the country, we were pleased to welcome several partners, customers, media, and organizations linked to the construction sector.

01 HotelBBGuimaraes final
OFFICIAL VISITS | B&B Hotels Tres Cantos

The interest in this innovative construction system, which offers various off-site solutions, has brought many people from various backgrounds, such as construction, architecture and engineering, to visit the first hybrid building in Spain.

trescantos construcao
Project evolution

Follow the evolution of this project!

Our Purpose
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Casais Group is clearly committed to providing a constant and continuous improvement of processes, innovation, digitalization of the business and sustainable construction.

These projects are a living example of the type of relationship Casais Group intends to establish with its customers. We seek to offer solutions that will allow the execution of the work with greater fluidity, fulfilling the goals and vision of the client from the project development stage.

We work together to create constructive solutions that offer a balance between quality and functionality, with a special focus on topics related to operation and maintenance. At a time of scarcity of qualified resources, this is the only solution that guarantees the satisfaction of all parties involved in a construction project.”

says António Carlos Rodrigues CEO Casais Group.

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New Generation of Buildings

To learn everything about Casais Group off- site construction system, visit the Blufab website.


Partnership between Casais Group and CREE Buildings.
Innovation and sustainable construction are priorities in the construction sector.

Since 2020, Casais Group is the authorized partner of CREE Buildings in Portugal, thus gaining exclusive access to a brand-new digital medium for the development and construction of sustainable buildings, for its customers and partners.

“CREE’s sustainable hybrid wood mindset and solutions are in tune with our present and future positioning in the construction industry. Our goal is to build responsibly through the incorporation of sustainable business practices. We aim to create long-term value for our customers and society.”

António Carlos Rodrigues explains the reasons that led the company to join the CREE network.

The CREE System Relies Heavily On A Renewable Natural Raw Material – Wood.

Its main feature is the standardized prefabrication of individual components such as ceiling panels, facade panels, pillars, and structures. These can be quickly assembled on site, reducing carbon emissions, noise, and dust, and saving time, resources, and money.

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